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Dagi Heider-Fray (CCHt) is German born and a certified therapist specializing in Transforming Therapy and regression work. Through her work she discovered that many of our issues found their origin in the earliest stages of life - in the womb. With this in mind she created the WOMB TIME® programme, a preventative programme, which educates expecting parents on the incredible opportunity they have to positively influence their child’s physical mental and emotional well being at a time when the foundations for living are being laid.

She received her extensive training in the United States which offers one of the most comprehensive courses available and attracts professionals from around the World. Her special interest covers Prenatal Psychology, Prenatal Bonding, Secure Attachment and Transforming™ Therapy and Natal Regression. She also holds a Dr Nathalie Fiset Hypno Beginning Practitioner qualification.

In February 2013 she became a qualified facilitator of the SAFE Program, which was designed by Dr. Brisch, Germany. The SAFE Program (Safe Attachment Family Education) educates and supports parents in creating a secure attachment between them and their child.

She is a member of the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH), which provides a wide range of informative and research material for medical professionals, maternity care givers and expecting parents. APPPAH has been considered to be “20 light years€¯” ahead of the rest of the world with regard to pre & perinatal life and the impact it has on personal and social health and well-being

Dagi is highly qualified in her field and has been a feature writer for
Healthy Option” and OHbaby! magazine.

In April 2010 she appeared on TV One promoting Womb Time® – Creating the best foundation for life

Keynote speaker: ASG Parent and Child Show 2010
                               SOMCANZ Maternity Symposium 2015

Dagi has also studied “Individual and Social Psychology” at Massey University in Auckland.



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Dagi Heider-Fray CCHt (A.C.H.E/APPPAH)


“Parental influence on a child is at its peak during construction in utero.” David Chamberlain, Ph.D.