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                                         The Programme

Part I: Group setting or Private setting (90 Minutes)

  • How stress and the environment influence organ and brain development
  • Life begins at conception and babies are conscious and aware
  • How the developing sensory systems provide an opportunity to bond and interact
  • What causes natal and postnatal depression?
  • The apple does not fall far from the tree- Your issues become your children’s issues

Part II: Private session for Parents to be (3x45 Minutes)

    Mums to be (2x 45min sessions)

  • Visualizing your baby within
  • Connecting with your baby on a very deep level and begin communication (sense and feel)
  • Daily bonding rituals
  • Dads to be (1x 45min session)

  • Partners will learn how to bond with their baby

Part III: Private session for Mum to be (45 Minutes)

  • Birth preparation (at 37th week of pregnancy)


 In addition to you will also receive the following:

              • 1 Prenatal Bonding CD
              • 1 Birth Preparation CD
              • Relevant Research Information
              • Interesting website links
              • List of recommended books to read

Total Programme cost per Couple : $370.00

The ideal time to begin the Womb Time ® Programme is between week 15 and 21.

To sign up or if you wish to discuss any questions you might
       have please contact me on: 021-2501884 or e-mail wombtime@xtra.co.nz


Additional Services:

Natal  Regression Therapy - Insight into your own Womb Life
Research now confirms that while in the womb, we were conscious and aware. Aware of our parents' attitudes toward us and our attitudes toward them and the world. This unique therapy unlocks memories of our time in the womb and birth and how it has affected our thoughts feelings and behaviours. Incredibly insightful and healing and highly recommended to all expecting parents.

Cost: $120.00 (90 Minutes)

Transforming™ Therapy: Emotional Self Care -Be the Best you can Be
By now you know that belief systems about ourselves and the world
were created at the early stages of life and they become our personal road map for life. A
s an expecting parent your parenting style will be unintentionally, yet directly influenced by the beliefs you hold. To become aware of ones’ beliefs is a journey of self-understanding and great transformation.

Cost: $ 120.00 (90 Minutes)

           All private sessions will be facilitated at my private practice in Westmere.



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“Everything you think, feel and do while pregnant has a profound impact on your child both before and after birth. You are a brain shaper, a life shaper. Your role as a loving powerful parent begins long before your baby’s first cry or smile.”

Frederick Wirth, MD Prenatal Parenting, Neonatologist