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“Just wanted to let you know that I was able to deliver her naturally using the relaxation techniques you've taught, without using drugs or medical intervention. Lilian was birthed after Edward told her that it was now time to come out. We are continually pleased at how perceptive she is. We talk to her now and she seems to understand. She settles easily when we read her the same stories we read while she was in the womb. Thank you for introducing us to an alternative and what we feel is a more sensitive way of parenting. “

“Just wanted to let you know that things are going so well. Our boy is now two months old and he is very calm and so content. All the things you have taught us are paying off big time. ........We are enjoying every second together as a family. ”

“Wanted to thank you for all your help with getting our baby safely here, I feel you have helped me become more relaxed and chilled out with your techniques. This seems to have also spilled over to our baby, who is an Angel. Very easy to care for; very relaxed and such a happy baby. I easily read my baby’s needs which keeps my baby content and makes me feel very confident in my new role, which I love.”

“Thank you so much for helping me to become a better me. I have learned so much about myself and I now feel so much more at ease. I don’t think I could have cared for my baby so well if I hadn’t had the sessions. I feel I am a better parent for it. You have made a huge difference..”

Client needed to be induced and reported the following:
“I used some of the techniques you taught, and the nurses commented on the fact that in spite of the interventions, the baby's heartbeat remained stable and he was remarkably calm, 'a very chilled out baby. I sensed what was needed and my baby responded.
Thanks for everything”
This is a wonderful example how prenatal bonding works so that the baby despite interference will not suffer from the effects of birth. Life is all based on perception.

“After having experienced a miscarriage I wanted to do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy. I attended a free information evening and attended the Womb Time program. It was amazing. My husband and I learned so much at the seminar and we feel so connected to our baby. We seem to know our baby already and feel that our baby knows us too. Thank you for making this pregnancy so magical. …….”

'I was 35 weeks pregnant with my first child when I attended “Womb Time” hosted by Dagi. I only wish I had discovered Dagi earlier. I found the seminar very informative and uplifting and found after this event to be connecting with my unborn child much better. Dagi has such a warm, open nature which makes it very easy to be at ease and I found the programme to be extremely beneficial.”





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Marianne Miller, Clinical Psychologist, specializing in Child Psychology, 15 years experience
I highly recommend and endorse the Womb Time® programme as it assists expecting parents to lay the best possible foundation to promote the healthy development of their unborn child and the emerging family unit.