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        Four decades of longitudinal and brain research have proven that humansí optimal physical, mental and emotional development depends on meeting the infantís innate relationship needs.

        We now know that early life experiences play a crucial role in a personís psychological, social and neurological development. A child with optimal early relationships will gain important developmental advantages: improved relationships and social skills, self-management skills and healthy interdependence, a well-functioning nervous system and overall psychological strength and well-being. These advantages are all rooted in the attachment systems present in the first years of life.

        What we experience, feel and know in our infant and toddler years becomes the map by which we navigate the world.

        What your baby needs from you:

        1. Being attuned and consistent:
        Secure attachment implies that a caregiverís responses are consistent and continually meet the infantís/ childís needs. The first two years of a childís life a crucial. When a mother is interested, curious and present she develops to read the childís moods and expressions, which lead to the ability to attend to the childís needs correctly. The sensitivity of a parent or caregiver is paramount as it enables them intuitively to sense what is needed to eliminate the distress the child experiences.

        2. Being Self Aware -Know your Buttons- Emotional Health
        Infants and toddlers are highly attuned and sensitive to their parents emotions and reactions. Hence it is important that parents are able to regulate their own emotions. If you find yourself repeatedly experiencing overwhelming or intense reactions toward your children, it is a sign that your internal model has been activated.
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        Attachment Workshop:

        This workshop provides you with the knowledge and tools which will promote the formation of a secure attachment.

        Duration 120 minutes

      • What is Secure Attachment?
      • Why does it matter?
      • What are the consequences of non secure attachment? (Power Point Presentation and video)
      • How to facilitate secure Attachment in daily life
        Secure Attachment and Feeding (Bottle and Breast)
        Secure Attachment and Safe Sleep/Soothing your crying baby
        Secure Attachment and Nurturing Touch and Talk
      • The workshop is designed for the main caregiver (mum or dad or any other main caregiver) and the baby up to 5 months of age.

        Total cost : $75.00

        For upcoming dates please contact me on 021-2501884 or send me an e-mail wombtime@xtra.co.nz





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Secure attachment from the beginning...

The development of a secure attachment between parents and child is the ideal foundation for the healthy physical, psychological, and social  development of the child. It is therefore crucial that we make every  effort to support parents as well as children in their earliest developmental phases to ensure that this important developmental step is successfully accomplished.

Dr med Karl Heinz Brisch