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Prenatal Bonding Programme

  A magical way to connect with your unborn baby

Thirty years of world-wide clinical research supports the findings that time in the womb not only lays the foundation for our physical but also our mental and emotional well- being.

It is these very early experiences that get deeply imprinted into our nervous system and profoundly influence us across our life-span.

Because how we feel about ourselves, how resilient we will be - not just physically but also mentally is established in the womb. (Please watch the video below)

What happens in the womb can last a life time - video

Through prenatal bonding expecting parents have the unique opportunity to experience, communicate and interact with their unborn baby hence creating an early emotional connection of mutual trust and attunement. This early bonding experience not only enhances the baby’s sense of self and brain development but also makes the transition into parenthood much easier.

We know today, that the baby within, is aware and conscious and parents who make use of this early state of awareness truly lay the best foundation for their child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. This is an incredible window of opportunity to positively influence your baby’s development and the emerging family unit.

The Womb Time ® programme is based on scientific findings from Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Secure Attachment research.

Benefits of participating in a programme such as Womb Time®

  • Shorter labour therefore less stress on mother and baby
  • Mothers are well attuned to their baby and their pregnancy therefore more assertive and attuned during the birthing process. Less anxiety, fewer complication and easier births.
  • Little crying after birth (mostly less than 20 minutes per day)
  • Parents are far more attuned to their baby therefore can confidently attend to their baby’s needs. Less stress on parents and baby
  • Babies consistently demonstrate superior motors kills, memory and earlier speech development (study went right up to the  age of 6). Brainy babies.
  • Babies eat and sleep better and are more responsive and happy
  • Chance of developing postnatal depression is significantly reduced
  • Premature birth rates is less than 0.1% (average is 8%)
  • APGAR scores are better
  • Mothers have greater success in breast-feeding


Mission Statement

Brining the latest findings from pre and perinatal psychology and health to  every expecting parent so that they can understand and implement what  their unborn child needs for a healthy physical, mental and emotional  development.

Because parenting begins in the womb and well nurtured babies are a blessing to this world and they will grow into the heroes of tomorrow.


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“Wanted to thank you for all your help with getting our baby safely here, I feel you have helped me become more relaxed and chilled out with your techniques. This seems to have also spilled over to our baby, who is an Angel. Very easy to care for;  very relaxed and such a happy baby. I easily read my baby’s needs which keeps my baby content and makes me feel very confident in my new role, which I love.

“Thank you so much for helping me to become a better me. I have learned so much about myself and I now feel so much more at ease. I don’t think I could have cared for my baby so well if I hadn’t had the sessions. I feel I am a better parent for it. You have made a huge difference..”